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in Ore Tokenization.

Our ecosystem is exclusive and was designed to simplify your experience in the precious metals mining segment in a 100% digital environment.



The idea of Stakemine was born in 2020! Over the past few years, we have been researching and analyzing the precious metals market in depth, specifically on the most profitable way to mine different types of specialty ores.

We decided to connect the huge potential of mining farms with the innovative way of Blockchain technology.

In September 2022, we started the STMI Token ICO which is exclusively supported by Mineral Commodity Tokenization operations.


of the Physical Treasury
with the Digital Treasury

Eliminate middlemen and make trading in mineral commodities less complicated and more transparent. That’s why we built a 100% digital environment to provide opportunities for any common person to participate in mining negotiations through Tokenization of Ores. Through our technology and expertise in the mining industry, our customers and partners participate in an interactive reward system, backed by security and driven by return.

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STMI Token

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The STMI token is backed by commodity operations through expanding production of ores and gemstones, with Lithium, which is considered the most precious metal of the future, and other world-class assets.

Revenues from mining farms will be distributed to the entire Stakemine ecosystem.

Our community will have access to a series of benefits through our Platform, through Staking of STMI tokens and our Incentive Programs.

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Register on our platform and acquire the STMI Token to join our ecosystem.

​Allocate your STMI to a chosen plan in the Staking Pool and accumulate more rewards in STMI. In addition to many other benefits.
In our Swap screen, the user will be able to convert his STMI Tokens into BUSD (BEP20), observing the available limit in the burn cycles presented in Tokenomics.
Structure and Staff

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Proof Of Stake (POS)

​Proof of Stake is one of the two most used consensus protocols in blockchain technology. The objective of this algorithm, as in the PoW, is to create consensus among all the parts that make up the network. It is good to note that in proof-of-stake systems, blocks are “constructed” and not mined. Cryptocurrencies that use Proof of Stake usually start by selling pre-mined coins or are started with the Proof of Work algorithm and then move on to Proof of Stake.


​Get daily rewards credited in STMI token. Your rewards can be exchanged for BUSD on our Platform.


Cryptocurrency staking is difficult on your own. With StakeMine, it only takes a few taps to start your bounty production.


By sharing the opportunity with new members, you accelerate the burning cycles of STMI tokens, generating a faster appreciation of the STMI asset, in addition to accumulating more benefits.


A token is the digital representation of fractions of real assets that hold commercial value. Tokens can represent both tangible assets such as equipment, physical artwork, and real estate, as well as intangible assets such as copyrights, patents, or digital works.


​HODL is a long-term investment strategy, usually more than one year. In this case, the investor does not need to know technical analysis or have time to follow the market, as in other strategies.


Cryptocurrency staking is a form of compensation for investors who provide their digital currencies to help validate transactions on a blockchain network. Staking is a process where users hold and block a specific amount of a cryptocurrency to help maintain a blockchain network. In exchange for blocking these funds, users are rewarded with more tokens of the cryptocurrency in question.


Burning of STMI tokens will take place when the user converts profits into STMI by BUSD (digital dollar). That is, after the user requests the withdrawal of rewards in STMI tokens that are allocated within the Ore Tokenization Plans, converting them into BUSD (digital dollar). All converted STMI tokens will be automatically sent to a burn address on BSCSCAN and the user will receive in BUSD up to the limit of the final burn cycle of the coin ecosystem!

The STMI Token is a decentralized smart contract of the BNB SMART CHAIN network BEP20 standard, which aims to bring any ordinary person closer to entering the field of commodities (precious metals) without bureaucracy through the Mineral Tokenization process.

Advantages of Tokenization


increases liquidity of the assets.


of the costs of negotiation.


settlement more fast and efficient

PRIVATE PHASE: Start on 09.05.2022


of Ores

Our ore operations based token offers users a unique diversification opportunity in the mining market. This means that users will have direct exposure to the value of ores, allowing for an attractive investment opportunity in a historically difficult to access market.
With the objective of focusing on the expansion of mineral production farms, bringing greater efficiency to the market and providing a safe and reliable investment platform, we launched the STMI Token, which seeks to revolutionize the mining market, providing an easy-to-use and accessible platform for all.
Tokenizing ores can offer a number of benefits, including greater liquidity and transparency, lower transaction costs, and better traceability and proof of mineral origin.



Júnior Cardoso

(Chief Executive Officer)

Anísio Pereira

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Renato Gomes

(​Director of International Relations)

Thiago Sena

(​Chief Information Officer)



​The staking process allows you to monetize your cryptocurrencies by contributing to the Proof of Stake (PoS) network of a given asset. By staking your cryptocurrencies, you make the blockchain underlying the asset more secure and efficient. In return, you receive more network assets as a reward. To generate staking rewards on a Proof of Stake blockchain, a node must designate a certain amount of tokens on the network as a stake (similar to an escrow deposit). The chance that this node will be chosen to validate the next block is directly proportional to the number of staked tokens. If the node successfully validates a block, it will receive the staking reward, the same way a miner is rewarded on Proof of Work blockchains. Validators lose part of their stake if they approve a fraudulent transaction. This encourages them to only approve valid transactions.

Currently, staking your own cryptocurrencies is a challenge for most investors. To do staking yourself, you need to run a node on your own equipment, sync it to the blockchain, and add enough cryptocurrencies to meet minimum limits, including depositing and title of sizable amounts. At StakeMine, we do all of this for you through our Rewards Pool.

Through a referral link. Fill out a brief registration and acquire the amount of STMI tokens referring to the contracting of your Ore Tokenization Plan.

​The user acquires the STMI token through the payment options offered by the platform and then the system will allocate their STMI tokens in the Rewards Program related to their chosen plan, generating a variable daily reward in STMI token, from which the user you can withdraw your earnings to an external wallet (metamask, trust wallet and other wallets that support the BEP20 network protocol), swap on the platform itself for BUSD BEP20 (according to the liquidity presented in the distribution of tokenomics) or reuse your STMI tokens to purchase more Ore Tokenization Plans.

The BEP-20 tokens represent a diverse range of crypto assets that do not have their own blockchain but reside on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BEP-20 is a technical standard that has emerged to be used in all smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain in token implementations.

​To receive a BEP-20 token, simply send it to your Binance Smart Chain address. In case you haven't noticed, the receiving address for BEP-20 tokens has the same format as the ETH address and starts with "0x...", so make sure you properly signal your sender which token and network you want to receive.

Sending BEP-20 tokens is actually telling the token contract that a transfer is required. To carry out this transfer, the contract will need a small percentage of BNB. That's why you use BNB as network fee when sending BEP-20 tokens.

This is also why you cannot send your BEP-20 tokens from the trouble list when your native BNB balance = 0.

Stakemine is not an investment company. The Company is a tokenizer of special ores that created a decentralized ecosystem through a token called STMI (Stakemine), which any ordinary person, over 18 years of age, can acquire fractions of Tokens (Tokenization of Ores) and be the holder helping to accelerate the process of cyclical burning of STMI tokens in the global market and benefit from its appreciation process in the Private Sale Phase until it reaches the price of 1 dollar, where it will be listed on global exchanges for purchase, free sale and give-up negotiations, which will be priced by the law of Supply and Demand. Supply and demand are the two main forces that drive the functioning of markets. Always in constant interaction.

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DISCLAIMER: The STMI Token is not a digital security or equity participation token, nor has it been licensed for the use of a financial service, or before any monetary authority or commission. It is a utility token, or a non-financial digital asset. STMI Token investors must read all prospectuses, especially the White Paper in order to be able to invest in the Token, as well as being aware of the risks associated with investing in blockchain technology, where the only person responsible for the tokens is the investor himself, who has to care for and protect your passwords and private keys. Cryptocurrency trading is extremely volatile and you can lose all your capital in the process. Due to the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency, you should seek independent legal or financial advice to understand the nature of your position. Investors are solely responsible, and STMI and the people involved are exempt from any liability.
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