Projeto Social

Práticas de sustentabilidade e ações sociais.

We believe that preserving the environment is an emergency and everyone should be involved. We must act as upstanding citizens, conscious of respecting other people, animals, and plants, with the same respect we desire for ourselves.

We develop projects that encourage environmental knowledge and conscious, sustainable and healthy self-activities, always integrating daily habits with environmentally conscious attitudes.

Key actions include:

  • To make members of the communities close to the supplying mining companies aware of the importance of preserving the environment, vegetable gardens and sustainability, and local alternatives for environmental practices.
  • Create community involvement alternatives to raise awareness about sustainable development.
  • Promote sustainability practices in schools, focusing on recreational activities for students and adoption of healthy and sustainable habits.

The “Stakemine ECO” program  in the local communities near the company’s mining partners where we carry out a work of deep drilling to supply a lot of groundwater and with the drilling of artesian wells with the objective of improving the health of the most needy population in the vicinity, through greater access to drinking water. With a focus on sanitary and environmental education, the program brings positive long-term changes in the health of the population, with environmental education activities and preservation of water sources. Children and their families learn about local natural resources, creating sustainable alternatives for their preservation.

Main Actions:

  1. Partnerships with local governments;
  2. Community involvement;
  3. Recovery of the springs, in partnership with local agencies, rural landowners and the surrounding community;
  4. Educational activities for students on the preservation of springs and local natural resources;
  5. Recovery of areas degraded by deforestation with reforestation of native trees such as aroeira, catingueira, quince, juazeiro, angico and umburanas.



We know that it is crucial that we stop destroying and conserving the environment, but today that is not enough. It is necessary to restore nature and our relationship with it. We need solutions and hands-on. Building our future is about defending the life of the planet for people, with access to water, food, health, education and technology.


Listen to and amplify the voice of communities, traditional and indigenous peoples; encourage young people to occupy spaces for decision-making and leadership; support innovative solutions; and restoring nature so we can help limit the climate crisis and reduce the loss of plants and animals.


At this critical moment, more than ever, we need to begin change by rethinking our daily habits and giving new leaders the opportunity to make decisions. We need the courage of each one and the strength of the youth to demand and demand ambitious actions that protect our home. Every tree we save now, every seed planted today is the guarantee that we will have a healthier future tomorrow.

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